Seismic Surveys

  • Placing seismic drill rigs by helicopter long line
  • Helicopter getting ready to lift a load
  • A helicopter long lining equipment in seismic bags
  • A helicopter delivering a seismic drilling rig
  • A helicopter delivering a water barrel
  • Drilling rigs placed on recording line
  • Our pilot keeping an eye on delivering his long line load

Precision Helicopters Ltd, working through Webster Drilling & Exploration Ltd and Terrex Seismic, are providing helicopter services for the Empire Oil & Gas "Wannamal 3D" project. This is the first helicopter borne survey of its size in the onshore Perth Basin, Western Australia.

The project started in early April and is likely to be completed at the end of June. The Wannamal survey is designed to provide explicit high definition information of the subsurface geology of the Gingin Gasfield Area and the structures mapped there to date.

PHL are providing two pilots and two helicopters. The 12 heliportable drills and crew are being supplied by Webster Drilling.

The heliseismic method has been adopted by Empire to reduce the environmental “footprint” on the land whilst providing excellent seismic recording parameters and exceptional data quality.

helicopter seismic long lining

Drilling Rig being delivered by helicopter